Microsoft Excel2000 Hotfix KB873372

Microsoft Excel2000 Hotfix KB873372

Update at once your Excel 2000 program, avoid vulnerability, keep tracking!
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This hotfix Code KB873372, Security for Microsoft Excel2000 is an update every 2000 Excel user has to have. According to the Microsoft main site and the context of their explanation of the creation of this update, we resume this update like this: Avoid vulnerability in Microsoft Excel 2000 that could allow arbitrary code to run when you open a maliciously modified spreadsheet. This vulnerability exists because of a problem in the way that Excel 2000 interprets data from a spreadsheet where certain properties have been maliciously modified. This update resolves this vulnerability so that Excel 2000 spreadsheets are handled appropriately. There are two kinds of downloads, please pick up according to your needs, we strongly recommend to read first the instructions. You can do this kind of updates automatically. Configure your windows update according to your needs. Remember, all programs on your computer will need from time to time, maintenance and upgrades. So prevent future problems do it by yourself or in an automatic mode, it depends on your version. Be aware!

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